Why We Care

America’s farmers are committed to providing food, fuel and clothing in the U.S. and across the world. In fact, each U.S. farmer feeds 155 people daily. Additionally, the agricultural industry furnishes 24 million U.S. jobs. They export more than $100 billion in crops and products annually. They conserve, preserve and improve our land leaving a legacy for future generations. The agricultural industry connects us like no other.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the agriculture industry is among the most hazardous. Farmers are at high risk for serious injuries, and sometimes death. They are also at high risk for work-related diseases such as lung disorders, skin cancers, and loss of hearing. Members of farm families are also at high risk for injuries and illness because they also live, work and play on the same land.

The goal of the Kentucky Partnership for Farm Family Health and Safety, Inc. is to build a community partnership to improve the health and safety of farm families. Their mission is to prevent agricultural illnesses, injuries and fatalities. They work to promote health and safety practices among farm families. They do this their communities by increasing awareness, education, advocacy, and services.