By Caitlin Morris. From The Saratogian. Originally posted: July 2, 2014. Original Article.


NORTHUMBERLAND >> Northumberland Supervisor Bill Peck was in the air Sunday, flying home from Iowa, when his 1-year-old son Henry Peck was accidentally backed into by his 7-year-old brother, who had snuck a ride when their mother wasn’t looking, on a Kubota, one of the family’s small farm all-terrain vehicles, in the driveway of their home.

When he landed in Albany, Peck got the voicemail from his brother and discovered his youngest child had suffered a small fracture above his right ear, cracked the outer edges of two vertebrates in his neck, and had some scratches on his face, but was going to be OK.

Henry Peck was released from Albany Medical Center on Tuesday evening, and after a good night’s sleep at home he was back up and running around the house Wednesday.

Bill Peck expressed how fortunate he felt to rise from the experience with his family intact, and attributed it to the first responders, General Schuyler Emergency Squad, and the other responding agencies, the F.B. Peck Hose Co., Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department, New York State Police and the pediatrics ward.


“I can’t thank them all enough for taking such good care of my boy while I was in the air, flying,” Peck said.

The doctor’s believe Peck will make a full recovery, Bill Peck said, and added that the hardest part of the recovery process thus far has been containing the active 1-year-old so he receives the rest he needs to heal.

For Peck, a sixth-generation farmer, the close call highlighted a gratitude he said he’s been sharing with his friends, family and community.

“You need to be thankful every day, because you never know when it’s your day,” Peck said.