SHERIDAN, MI – Lugging plastic shopping bags filled with hot dishes and baked goods, Laura Grenhoe stopped by the Martin farm outside of this central Michigan farming town for a quick visit on Tuesday, Oct. 31.

Grenhoe was among dozens of neighbors who have stopped by with a kind word and a helping hand after the Martin family was torn apart Sunday morning when a pickup truck struck the family’s horse-drawn buggy, killing three of their seven children and severely injuring the parents, Paul and Judith Martin.

“We lost a son 25 years ago,” said Grenhoe as she stood in the doorway of the white farmhouse and transferred her treats to relatives who are caring for family. “You can’t make it better. You just give them hugs and say a prayer for them.”

Ruthie Martin, Judith Martin’s aunt who came in from Liberty, Kentucky on Monday, was presiding over the household with Judith’s sister, Aleda, and two of the surviving children, 18-month-old Trina Grace, and 3-year-old Ammon, who was released from the hospital Monday after he suffered a concussion and still bore bruises from the crash.

Ammon is still gaining an understanding of the results of the accident, in which his 7-year-old sister, his 9-year-old sister and 11-year-old brother were killed, Ruthie Martin said.

“Some people talk about how they wish they had lights on their buggies,” said Powell of the Amish and Mennonite farmers in their midst. “Others are saying people need to slow down, that they have just as much right to the road as we do.”

Though the Mennonite community keeps to themselves and rarely frequent the restaurant, Powell said most townsfolk agree the Martin family needs their help.