By Tracey Hackett. From Herald-Citizen. Originally posted: March 22, 2016. Original Article.


A 9-year-old boy was killed yesterday in what authorities are describing as a tragic accident.

Logan Haney, a third-grader at Jackson County Elementary School, was on spring break and was helping out a family member with a farm project when the accident happened.

Authorities say he was helping a family member and another man remove some logs from an Acorn Lane property, located off Highway 53 between Gainesboro and Celina.

“They were pulling the logs off the hill with a cable and then walking the cable back up the hill, but they decided they could use a four-wheeler to get the job done faster,” said Det. Ron Franklin, of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, who is leading the investigation of the incident.

They brought a four-wheeler to the site to help with the project.

As one of the men drove the four-wheeler down the hill, authorities say, Haney ran to hook a chain to a Mercury Mountaineer that was also at the site and being used for the work.

“It appears that the brakes on the four-wheeler may not have been in good shape,” Det. Franklin said.

At any rate, the driver of the four-wheeler reportedly attempted to stop the vehicle but was unable.

The four-wheeler hit the Mercury vehicle, pinning the boy between them.

Authorities were dispatched to the scene around 2:15 p.m.

Haney was transported from the scene by ambulance to Cookeville Regional Medical Center.

Emergency medical technicians and hospital personnel worked to try to revive the boy but were unable, and he was later pronounced dead.

Authorities say there are no indications that anyone involved was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the accident happened, and there are no indications of intent.

“This was a terrible, tragic accident,” Det. Franklin said.

No criminal charges are expected. Obituary information and funeral arrangements are not yet available.