By KPVI Staff. From KPVI News 6. Originally posted: August 9, 2015. Original Article.


A Bingham County family is mourning after their three year old son was fatally injured in a farm accident.

The Bingham County Sheriff’s Office says the three year old boy died Saturday after falling from a tractor and being run over.

The accident happened just north of Blackfoot off Rose Road around 2:30 in the afternoon.

According to Sheriff Craig Rowland, the boy was riding with his father on the tractor when he fell off.

The boy, Jonathan Wareing, was flown to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Sheriff Rowland says that these types of accidents have a broad impact on the community.

“Words don’t even express how we feel about the family and the tragedy they are going through now,” says Sheriff Craig Rowland, Bingham County Sheriff’s Office.

KPVI News 6 traveled to the area and spoke with neighbors and relatives of Jonathan Wareing.  They all remembered him as a young boy full of energy, excitement and love of the tractors he saw daily on the farm.

“It can happen in such a short time to any of us, we just never know,” says Arlin Wareing, Relative of Jonathan.

Arlin Wareing is a relative of Jonathan and his father Jade.  He arrived on scene just before first responders on Saturday.

“Jade was trying to help his son the best he could.  The authorities had been called and they came very quickly.  They did a tremendous job,” says Arlin Wareing.

Jade Wareing, Jonathan’s father, tells KPVI his son loved tractors and would often sit in the tractor’s seat pretending to drive.

Jade says they were riding back from a grandparent’s house when Jonathan fell and was fatally injured.

Arlin says Jade did a tremendous job working to help Jonathan in the moments after the accident.

“He tried to stay calm while he was in a very bad situation, but he handled it well and did everything he possibly could,” says Arlin.

Jan Hogan grew up in the area.  She tells KPVI that she doesn’t know them well, but says being around tractors is part of growing up on a farm and passing the agricultural tradition down to the next generation.

“You want that time with your dad, that is how you learn,” says Jan Hogan.

Hogan recognizes this was a tragic accident and says it’s likely it could not have been prevented and says the community should rally around the Wareings and give them support to help them through this tough time.

“Growing up in Idaho, growing up on a farming community, you grow on tractors and it’s just something that you do and this is a very tragic accident,” says Hogan.

Sheriff Craig Rowland says some of the deputies have been pretty emotional after responding to this accident due to the age of the child and that they will sit down with their officers to talk about the tragedy with a councilor and de-brief.