A 9-year-old girl has died after the car she was in crashed into a tractor in Northwest Illinois.

WHITESIDE COUNTY, III. ( KWQC) – A 9-year-old girl has died after her car collided with farm equipment.

Whiteside County Deputies say 45-year-old Jennifer M Schryver, of Milledgeville was driving eastbound on state route 40 in rural Sterling. Schryver attempted to pass a farm tractor and grain cart.

Schryver struck the rear of the grain cart and crashed.

9-year-old Addison Headlee was a passenger in Schryver’s car. She was airlifted to a Rockford hospital, where she died. Schryver was taken to CGH Medical Center for her injuries. The driver of the tractor was not injured.

Whiteside County Deputies were assisted at the scene by Milledgeville Fire Department and EMS, Illinois State Police, CGH Ambulance Medifore Air Medical.

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Follow up story: After Teen’s Death in Grain Bin, Family Seek Legislation to Prevent Further Loss

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After her son was killed in a farm accident, a Minnesota mother is doing what she can to make sure another family doesn’t experience a similar loss.

Last month, 18-year-old Landon Gran died inside a neighbor’s grain bin. He was set to begin his senior year at St. Peter High School this fall.

“Landon loved his family, loved his friends. He was the one who would help anybody out,” mother Michele Gran said.

To show just how much he was loved, after his death Landon’s friends and neighbors made a tractor tribute along the highway. He was a teenager who enjoyed his dogs, his family farm and his truck.

“He finally got it running probably a week before he passed away,” said his brother, James. “It’s just a part of him now.”

For Michele, the hardest part is knowing her son’s death could have been prevented.

“Landon got caught in a sweep auger in a grain bin,” Michele said. “He was left alone and succumbed to his injuries.”

She is now using her grief as motivation to make change. She doesn’t want to see another family go through what her family has gone through.

“I would bring my child back in a minute, but since he’s gone this has to be my mission,” Michele said.

She is hoping to see a bill passed that would create a mandatory buddy system for people working in grain bins. She’s also been talking to lawmakers and an engineer about a life-saving bracelet farmers could wear, similar to a smart watch.

“It would send a signal right to your electrical box shut-off equipment so you could save yourself, and a button to call 911 if no one is there. You have your life in your hands,” she said.

She would also like to see more protections built around sweep augers, and paracord ladders inside of grain bins that a worker could grab onto if they fell in.

“I’ve got another precious commodity here and don’t want to any chances taken again,” Michele said.

“It’s still hard and we are doing our best to get through it together,” James said.

There will be a “Roll-In,” featuring classic cars and motorcycles on Saturday at St. Peter High School from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Anyone is welcome and the proceeds will go towards a scholarship in Landon’s name.

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Follow up story: Tanner’s Fight: 11 year old takes on new challenges after near fatal accident

IOWA COUNTY (WKOW) — Becki Kleist was at work the morning of April 12, 2018 when she got a phone call from one of her daughters that would change her life.

“They called me in a panic,” she said. “All I got out of the conversation was ‘Tanner, cows, come home.’”

Her only son, Tanner, had been out in the pasture on their farm trying to work with the beef cows.

“(He) was trying to do what the big guys do, what he sees the big guys do,” said Becki Kleist. “And wasn’t quite big enough.”

He was trampled by almost 10 cows and his 16-year-old sister jumped in to save him. When Kleist got home, they knew they had to get him to a hospital fast.

He had several internal injuries, including a major injury to his liver. Doctors told his family later that summer that it was split open “like a book” and a CT scan showed that it looked like it had been “obliterated.”

At one point during his journey to the hospital, his heart stopped.

“We were just hoping he was gonna make it through because it didn’t sound good,” said Brian Kleist, Tanner’s father.

After several surgeries, Tanner took a turn for the better. A week after the surgeries, he was able to leave the American Family Children’s Hospital ICU. A few days after that, he was already taking physical therapy to re-learn how to walk.

“Kids are resilient, but I’m thinking Tanner is more resilient than the average child,” said Becki Kleist.

Tanner told 27 News that he fought hard. And he said he fought that hard because he knew he had something to fight for.

“To go home,” he said.

Besides another surgery in the summer of 2018, he’s stayed at home. His mother home schooled him last year, as she had been doing previously. But this school year is the first time Tanner has stepped back into a classroom. But this classroom is virtual, through the Wisconsin Virtual Academy.

“Putting in the virtual school was more of a decision that he needed some additional help that I just didn’t think I was qualified enough to give him,” said Becki Kleist.

Tanner has some slight brain damage from the accident, but the Kleists said it hasn’t impacted him more than having to go through his lessons a few extra times. He’s doing his best, and Tanner said he’s enjoying it. He’s particularly intrigued by the fact that he gets to talk on a microphone and use the webcam for the class.

“You can see the other person and the other person can see you,” he said. “So far it’s good. I made a lot of new friends and teachers in there.”

His accident also led to a new support group. Becki Kleist came across St. Louis-based “Tiny Superheroes” on Facebook. It’s a group that empowers children who are overcoming a disability or battling illness.

“He’s gotta do missions to earn patches,” said Becki. “The patches are called their super powers.”

Tanner already has quite a few super powers, and a perk of the program is that his sisters get to participate alongside him as his sidekicks.

He’s still a farm kid at heart, and loves going up on the tractor with his dad. He’s also getting into cars, a fact he always lets his mom know when they’re in the car.

“He’ll holler “Hey, there’s a Tesla!’, and I’ll say ‘Where?’” Becki Kleist said.

Thinking back over the past year, the Kleist family just feels joy that Tanner is still here.

“There’s things that I look back now, and look at him, and remember what he looked like then, and think of how far he’s come,” said Becki Kleist.

It’s been hard getting back to normal for Tanner, but he’s strong.

In his words: “I’m a fighter.”

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Three year old child seriously hurt in farming accident

A toddler was airlifted to a hospital after an incident at a property in Chatsworth.

Police say it involved farm machinery equipment that was being operated by the occupant of the property at Sideroad 3 on Saturday.

Grey County Paramedics and the fire department responded.

They say the three-year-old suffered serious injuries.

Grey Bruce OPP is investigating.

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Milverton Area Toddler Suffers Serious Injuries in Farm Accident

OPP say the two year-old girl is in a London hospital with life-threatening injuries

Police are advising rural property owners to be aware of bystanders or hazards when using farm machinery.

This, as a Milverton area toddler is fighting for her life in a London hospital after an accident on a Perth East farm.

OPP say first responders treated the two year-old girl after the incident earlier this week.

She was then taken to hospital in London with what are described as life-threatening injuries.

Investigators urge farmers to make sure a safe play area is set up for small children on their property, to reduce or eliminate the chances of being injured by large equipment.

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