By Dave Goldman. From KVTX 19. Originally posted: August 25, 2015. Original Article.


The Nacogdoches County Sheriff Office is investigating two ATV accidents that have occurred in the last few days.

Tuesday night, August 24, 2015, the Sheriff’s office responded to an ATV accident that was reported on private property on County Road 425.

Deputies learned that a 16-year-old female was riding an ATV in a pasture. When the girl did not return back to the residence, her guardian and another female went looking for her. She was found in the pasture with the ATV rolled on top of her.

Lifesaving efforts were attempted, and CPR was started on scene. EMS and Fire departments were also dispatched to the scene. EMS transported the victim to the Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital, where she later died.

The victim has been identified as Lilit Ishxan Gevorgyan, a foreign exchange student from Armenia.

Sheriff Bridges stated that the four wheeler was found near a hill and is it believed that Gevorgyan lost control of the ATV while riding on the side of the hill. An autopsy has been ordered by Justice of the Peace David Perkins. The investigation is still ongoing.

Alcohol and speed were contributing factors in a separate incident reported Friday August 21, 2015.

The Sheriff’s office responded to an ATV accident on County Rd. 234 that occurred on private property. When officers arrived, they discovered several people had been severely injured along with a 4-month-old child that had been thrown from the ATV.

Upon further investigation it was found that the ATV struck a metal pole that was attached to a metal fence causing the baby to be thrown from the ATV. The driver of the vehicle was attempting to hold her baby while driving the ATV when the accident occurred. The driver of the vehicle, along with two teenagers were also injured and transported to Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital.

The 4-month-old child was transported to Memorial Hospital, and later air-lifted to Texas Children Hospital in Houston. The child is currently in ICU. One of the teenager’s was also later transported by ambulance to a hospital in Dallas.

Sheriff Bridges stated that the ATV accident is still under investigation and charges could be filed against the operator of the ATV.