Trent Marshall. From Big Country 96.9 News. Posted on October 18, 2016. Original article.

State Police say a two year old boy died Monday in Burnham when a tractor driven by his grandfather accidentally backed over him. 

Police said, the two were outside working with a tractor around a woodpile on the property, late Monday morning. They were both on the tractor at one point, but the child decided to get off to play.The incident took place at the man’s home at 150 Pond Rd in Burnham. Raymond Rayeski Sr., 54-years-old, was watching his grandson, two-year-old, Raymond Rayeski, III.

The grandfather continued to operate the tractor and was cleaning up debris and dumping the items a short distance away. It appears the boy then ran after the grandfather on the tractor, who was backing up and did not see the boy, said police.

The man drove the boy to Sebasticook Valley Hospital in Pittsfield where he died .

Detectives termed the death a tragic accident.